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Plate Cutting

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Being committed to process the finest products has made PT Ardi Arta Pratama (AAP) able to compete globally. Today, AAP Manufacture is known as one of a leading hot rolled steel plate mill manufacturer in South East Asia.AAP manufacture continues to upgrade its production facilities by adopting the latest technology to improve production processes and deliver high quality products to strengthen its position as the leading player in the flat rolled aluminium industries in South East Asia.

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Plate Cutting

The steel plates are cut according to required sizes. 15 mm or thicker plates are cut using flame cutting, with LPG or oxy-acetylene torches. Plates that are less thick than 15 mm are cut by mechanized side shear.

Aluminium Sheet / Coil

Aluminium sheet and sheet in coil are used in a vary areas. In the buildings and constructions, the products are used for ceiling

Aluminium Foil

Aluminium foil has special features such as attractive luster, lightweight, moisture proof, contamination resistance, highly flexible and good conductor.

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